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  inb, 293 s., ill.
  språk: engelska

  reapris 299,00



A Search in Secret Egypt

av Paul Brunton

This is the special illustrated edition of Paul Brunton's classic account of "that Egypt whose mysterious origin mounts to immemorial antiquity". This edition gives the reader a unique opportunity to see exactly what Brunton saw through the lens of his own camera and to walk where he walked by following the maps of Cairo, Luxor and Karnak–which were specially designed for this edition. The addition of nearly 200 modern photographs and diagrams bring the splendor of Egypts's landscape, tombs and temples to every page.

Brunton's amazing narrative tells us of his deep meditations at the feet of the Sphinx, his eerie and illuminating night alone in the Great Pyramid, and his insight into the Osiris myth. Alongside his explorations of ancient Egypt's monuments and gods, Brunton encounters a variety of occultists, and even manages to become initiated into the deadly art of snake charming!

His frank interview with the then head of Islam proves relevant today, and his decription of the Hajj reminds us of the beauty and inspiring faith of Mohammed's true followers.

In the end, Brunton turns his attention to his own spiritual journey, connecting all his experiences into a single discovery: that we are more than the body, that the freedom of our spirit can be experienced her and now even as it has ever been.

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