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Healing with God's Love

Kabbalah's Hidden Secrets

av Rabbi Douglas Goldhamer & Peggy Bagley

With engaging stories and an entertaining style suitable for all faiths, Rabbi Goldhamer shows us how to access the same energies that healed him of a crippling disease in 1972.

He reveres these healing energies and their Source as God's loving immanence, or Feminine Presence, and takes us step by step through many powerful ditations, intentions, prayers, visualizations, and blessings. Some he learned from gifted Kabbalistic teachers, others he discovered in the Kabbalah himself and adapts for modern conditions.

These powerful techniques help us connect with and draw upon God's love for spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical healing: Healing prayers, meditations, intentions, visualizations, and spiritual healing secrets from the deep healing tradition within Kabbalah, developed through the authors' 40+ years of successfully working with them. Also engaging stories, anecdotes, and background philosophy in the mystical Jewish tradition of healing.

All through their enjoyable and accessible presentation, Rabbi Goldhamer and Peggy Bagley establish a profound ethical and spiritual context for this work. They explain and honor its roots in deep mystical Judaism while, at the same time, developing traditional teachings in a universal and global perspective that is relevant for and inspiring to our times.

Healing with God's Love is likely to be informative and useful to people who want to deepen (or make more conscious) their relationships with the Sacred, regardless of background or current beliefs about it. It is particularly helpful for people in need of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing, and/or to people who want to help others with such needs.

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